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Tech elites impressed at People's Daily's online efforts

By Ling Yuhuan (Global Times)

08:43, August 30, 2012

IT industry entrepreneurs who visited the People's Daily on Wednesday expressed their surprise at the traditional Party organ newspaper's rapid embrace of multimedia platforms at a time when the public relies heavily on the Internet.

Dozens of IT elites and officials from Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, known as the Silicon Valley of China, visited the newspaper's headquarters in eastern Beijing, as part of the "Jintai Tour" series aimed at enhancing exchanges between the paper and people from various fields.

"I am greatly impressed by the fusion of technology and culture of the newspaper," Zhang Lei, chief advisor officer with an online game company, said at a forum after the tour.

"The establishment of the People's Daily's official Weibo account is of epoch-making significance," said Song Tao, CEO assistant of Xiaomi Tech, a Chinese mobile phone company.

With apps already available for smartphones and tablets, the People's Daily established its Weibo account on July 22, and became an instant hit among microblog readers for its sharp comments and analysis of social issues. Some posts drew thousands of comments.

"I am really impressed by the newspaper's prompt reports of the Beijing rainstorm, the activities defending the Diaoyu Islands and its interaction with the public," Song added.

The IT representatives also visited the headquarters of People's Search, a high-tech joint venture founded in 2010.

The formation and dissemination of public opinions have greatly changed since the introduction of the Internet, and the newspaper must keep pace with the changing times, said Zhang Yannong, the newspaper's president.

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