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No evidence found in Peking U rape allegation

(China Daily)

08:20, August 29, 2012

Peking University said on Tuesday it had found no evidence to prove a former professor's allegation that some deans had raped restaurant waitresses.

Former Peking University Professor Zou Hengfu said on Aug 21 on his micro blog that whenever deans and some professors found beautiful waitresses in Mengtaoyuan - a restaurant very near the school - they would rape them. Zou said that's why the restaurant is so popular.

An panel set up by the university discipline inspection department investigated the allegation - opening an e-mail and a phone line to receive report from the public, checking for reports that would support the claim and interviewing the restaurant's employees one by one, according to a statement on the website of Peking University on Tuesday.

All of the restaurant's 68 employees said they had not been raped and had never heard of this kind of scandal among their colleagues, the statement said.

The investigation group said Zou left Peking University in 2007 and the restaurant Zou mentioned has no connection with Peking University. The university is trying to contact Zou, but has not yet reached him.
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