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Local court accused of counterfeiting withdrawal notice in Dalian Wal-Mart case

(People's Daily Online)

08:13, August 29, 2012

On Aug. 21, the Dalian Wanguo Shopping Plaza Company submitted a "handwritten verification follow-up letter" to the Dalian Municipal Intermediate People's Court, requiring the court to carry out a judicial identification on a suspicious "counterfeited" lawsuit withdrawal note and declared that it would reserve the right to investigate the criminal responsibility of the counterfeiter.

The judicial identification appeal is beyond the goal of asking the Dalian Wal-Mart for the rent and probably will take the Dalian Municipal Intermediate People's Court to the court too.

The compulsory execution achieved nothing in past six years

Since the first arbitration judgment was made in 2005, the lawsuit between the Dalian Wal-Mart and the Dalian Wanguo has been adjudicated three times.

"In all the two arbitration judgments and one compulsory execution judgment by the court, the Dalian Wanguo was the winner party. But, 10 years has passed and we has not got any compensation," the board chairman of the Dalian Wanguo Lin Conghong told the reporter of the China Business News on Aug. 23.

Read the Chinese version:大连沃尔玛10年欠租过亿 当地中院被指伪造撤诉笔录

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