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Buses will have to fit GPS

By Zhi Yun and Ma Lie  (China Daily)

13:26, August 28, 2012

A van, carrying nine people, is concertinaed in Suide, Shaanxi province, on Monday. There were no survivors. Gao Yulong / for China Daily

Government to act after carnage on the roads

A bleak 48-hour period that saw 62 lives lost in traffic accidents has prompted the government to introduce a number of measures, including mandatory Global Positioning Systems in long-distance buses and vehicles transporting dangerous goods.

Sunday's carnage on the roads continued on Monday when a speeding truck rammed into a Toyota van at 4:50 am in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, killing nine people, officials said. The accident occurred in the Suide section of the Qing-dao-Yinchuan Expressway.

The accident was the latest in a string of crashes in two days with accidents on Sunday claiming 53 lives.

Five people were killed and eight others were injured at 7:50 pm on Sunday after a three-wheel farm vehicle overturned on a mountain road in Shaanxi, officials from the Longxian county government said on Monday. Brake failure was the most likely cause, they said.

The worst accident occurred at 2:40 am on Sunday when a double-decker sleeper bus was engulfed in flames after smashing into a tanker carrying methanol in Yan'an city, Shaanxi province, killing 36 of 39 people on board. Two of the survivors are in critical condition and were transferred to Xijing Hospital in the provincial capital of Xi'an on Monday afternoon for more specialized care.

And the death toll in another accident on Sunday in Southwest China's Sichuan province has climbed to 12, as a survivor died in hospital. Seven of the victims were under 18.

The deaths have shocked the nation and government departments have promised to adopt more rigorous measures to improve road safety.

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