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Taxis to offer blood donation information

By WANG HONGYI (China Daily)

08:50, August 28, 2012

Residents in Shanghai will be able to make an appointment for blood donations through the interactive touch screens in taxis starting in September, the latest effort by the city to encourage more people to give.

Meanwhile, a public channel for voluntary blood donation will be broadcast on the interactive screens in the city's 21,000 taxis, through which residents can receive information about voluntary blood donation, according to the Shanghai Blood Administration Office, which has cooperated with media company Touchmedia.

Residents can also make an appointment by mobile phone.

"The city has explored many ways to encourage more blood donations, and to relieve the pressure caused by insufficient blood supply in hospitals," said Zhu Yongming, director of the office.

According to the office, the public channel will be promoted in five other cities in the country next month.
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