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Expert angered by bridge collapse reports

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

07:58, August 28, 2012

BAD weather, overloading and human error have been blamed for a series of bridge accidents that left more than 140 people dead over the past five years, but not shoddy construction.

The findings have angered an expert who said the bridges were "doomed" to fail due to quality problems.

Fifteen bridges, including three under construction, collapsed between 2007 and this month, killing 141 people and injuring another 111. But official reports made public say that no case was triggered by poor quality.

According to the investigation reports, torrential rainfall and overloaded trucks caused the most accidents, yesterday's Shandong Business Daily reported.

Of the 15 bridges, three - in Henan and Hunan provinces and Chongqing City - were said to have been damaged by heavy rain while overloaded trucks were blamed for problems at four bridges in Chongqing and Hangzhou cities and Fujian and Jilin provinces.

However, when pictures of the wreckage of the Yihe Bridge in Luanchuan County in Henan were published, they showed that no steel bars had been used in the construction of the ramps that had broken. The collapse of the bridge killed 53 people in July 2010.

In July last year, gaps appeared in the middle section of the No. 3 Qianjiang Bridge in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang Province, injuring a truck driver.

The bridge was said to have been weakened by overloaded trucks, but experts from the city's traffic authority said the bridge had been plagued by severe quality problems. The government announcement, however, insisted the collapse had nothing to do with shoddy construction, the newspaper reported.

Besides torrential rainfall and overloading, authorities also pointed the finger at unlicensed contractors.

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chong jing at 2012-08-28124.210.129.*
Whatever reasons, when a bridge falls, the responsibility must be assumed by the designer,architechture and those in charge of construction. They shall never be allowed to attribute the cause of falling to heavy rain or heavy load of traffics which the bridges must originally meet and clear.
ming at 2012-08-28110.168.164.*
Rain would not cause the collasped, overloaded truck..might damages the bridges..but can investigate into the damage and control the truck loading before using the bridge by prohibit trucks to use the bridge. But the low quality or corruption of material in building the bridge will be the core problem of the collasped and killing of the people who use the bridges. Investigation should focus to the building quality.
See at 2012-08-2860.50.3.*
I agreed with the expert that the bridges were built with shoddy works. In our country we never heard the bridges collasped due to heavy trafic. How heavy the traffic the bridge would not give way to the weight. The official who investigated the collasped of the bridges and announced the finding please come over our country and take a look at our strict rule of contrcutions and hope official should be tender his resigned for giving fault reports> Another example there is the longer bridge in Penang (Malaysia)being built by china contractor but with strict supervision from our engineers and is going to be opened for public next years and I can guarantee the bridge would not collapse due to heavy traffic or bad weather

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