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Olympic champions take HK victory lap

By Ming Yeung (China Daily)

09:03, August 27, 2012

Zou Shiming (center), a champion boxer at the London Games, and Chen Ding, gold medalist in the men's 20-km walk, talk about their experience with a student at an event in Hong Kong's Queen Elizabeth Stadium on Sunday. [Photo/Xinhua]

China's newest Olympic heroes met with Hong Kong youngsters on Sunday morning and urged them to persevere and work hard to achieve their dreams.

The 70 members of a delegation of athletes who took gold medals at the London Games were divided into two teams for a student exchange session held at the city's Queen Elizabeth Stadium and Ma On Shan Sports Center.

The event gave the champions an opportunity to demonstrate their athletic prowess and talk about the difficulties they overcame on their path to glory.

When asked about her success, the diver Wu Minxia attributed it to persistence. "If you have a goal, just go for it," she said.

In front of nearly 1,000 students at the Ma On Shan Sports Center, the badminton gold medalists Lin Dan and Li Xuerui demonstrated their athletic abilities.

Five national weightlifters then played tug-of-war with 24 students. The students won in the end.

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