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43 percent of students may study overseas

By Echo Hu (Shanghai Daily)

08:22, August 27, 2012

MORE than 40 percent of the students in key, city-level high schools are considering studying overseas as undergraduates, according to a survey released yesterday by the Shanghai Education Commission.

About 43 percent of the respondents said they intend to study abroad for undergraduate study, while 42 percent said they will study at domestic universities, according to the survey covering hundreds of students from 50 key, city-level high schools.

Another 11 percent said they will follow their parents' arrangements on the issue.

The United States and Europe are considered the most popular overseas destinations, with the strength of faculty and reputation listed as the most important factors. Of the students, 73 percent included the US as a potential destination, with 58 percent including European countries.

Some 47 percent students said universities in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan were on their list.

In other findings, as many as 52 percent of students surveyed thought there is a gap between the skills being taught by universities and the abilities demanded by employers.

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