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Substandard Heinz infant formula found in China

(People's Daily Online)

13:15, August 22, 2012

Infant formula imported from H.J. Heinz Company Australia Ltd has been found to contain excessive vitamin B2 and insufficient Vitamin B5. Quality problems have been frequently found with foreign milk power products in China since the beginning of the year. Dairy industry expert Wang Dingmian believes that Chinese consumers should give up their blind faith in foreign formula brands.

A total of 72 kilograms of substandard milk powder has been sent back to its manufacturer, Heinz Australia.

Wang said that human beings are quite sensitive to vitamins, and even slight negligence in production can result in substandard products. Imported formula products packaged in China in small quantities tend to have either too many or too few vitamins. Excessive intake of vitamin B2 may cause itch, numbness, nosebleeds, burning sensation, and tingle, while inadequate intake of Vitamin B5 may lead to dysphoria, digestion problems, and insufficient antibody production among infants.

Several other foreign formula brands such as Japan's Meiji, Wakodo, and Morinaga, France's Physiolac, and the Netherlands' Friso have also encountered quality issues in China.

At present, foreign formula brands occupy 65 percent of the Chinese market and 90 percent of the country's high-end formula market. Wang noted that imported formula products are not necessarily safe. As domestic dairy companies have greatly improved quality control in recent years to ensure the safety and quality of their formula products, Chinese consumers should give up their blind faith in foreign formula brands.

Source: China Business News

Read the Chinese version: 亨氏进口奶粉被曝不合格 洋奶粉屡上黑榜

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