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Real estate financier held on fraud charges

By Tan Zongyang  (China Daily)

09:51, August 22, 2012

Yu Jinyong, a high-profile Chinese businessman specializing in real estate financing, has been arrested on suspicion of commercial fraud, officials said.

Yu, president of the board of China Shidai Investment Holding Group, a real estate investment and developing company, was arrested by the Haidian District People’s Procuratorate on Friday.

Zhou Zhicheng, from the district’s prosecuting authority, told China Daily that Yu is alleged to have been involved in a case of contractual fraud.

Wu Danhong, an associate professor at China University of Political Science and Law, reported Yu to the police in 2010 after allegedly discovering Yu was manipulating the bidding process of a real estate program in Shandong province’s Liangshan county.

With fake contracts, Yu was alleged to have swindled a 500,000 yuan ($78,650) deposit from a company that won the bid, Wu said.

"It was nothing personal to have reported Yu," Wu said. "But it is everyone’s duty to expose lies."

Wu said Yu is another celebrity to fall from grace after allegedly cheating the public.

The arrest has once again put the well-known Yu under public scrutiny. He has previously been accused of having forged his academic qualifications and faked a charity donation.

Yu has claimed online that he is a postdoctoral fellow at Peking University. However, staff members at the administration office of the university say there is no record of Yu, the Beijing Times reported on Tuesday.

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