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Billionaires' marriage-seeking activity attracts thousands women

People's Daily Online)  16:15, August 21, 2012

Interview of female guests of the second season of CECS party is held in Beijing on Aug. 19, 2012. (Xiao Chen/CFP)

According to the organizer, the second season of CECS party will be held in mid October in Sichuan province. A total of 32 male guests will participate in the party.

Eight of them are worth 1 billion yuan each, and one male guest values 10 billion. The youngest male guest is 31 years old, and the oldest is 55 years old.

More than 2,700 female guests were attracted to the interview. The female guests include teachers, fashion designers, airline stewardesses, models, nurses, etc.

Edited and translated by Ma Xi, People's Daily Online

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