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Four diagnosed with skin anthrax infection in Liaoning

By Wang Qingyun  (China Daily)

08:37, August 16, 2012

Four people diagnosed with cutaneous anthrax infections in Northeast China's Liaoning province are not in critical condition, health officials said on Wednesday.

Three more people are showing symptoms of the disease, but they are yet to be diagnosed, said Yan Hong, a press official with the Liaoning Department of Health.

"All the patients are under treatment and there are no critical cases," she said. Yan added that no other cases of the disease have been found.

Cutaneous, or skin, anthrax infections are the least serious form of the disease. The disease is usually contracted when a person with a cut or a sore on his or her skin comes into direct, unprotected contact with anthrax spores on a sick or dead animal.

Of the seven cases, three occurred in Liaozhong county in the provincial capital of Shenyang.

Local health authorities have quarantined a village in the Xiaozhaimen township of the county, banning any livestock or meat products from entering or leaving the village.

People who go into and out of the village are being quarantined, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Three cows were found to be infected with anthrax in the village on Monday, according to the province's Bureau of Animal Health and Production.

"The infected cows and the other 80 cows in the same area have been destroyed. No infected beef has entered the market," said the bureau in a statement.

Similar cases

The anthrax cases in Liaoning came about two weeks after similar cases in Jiangsu province.

Seven villagers got swollen skin and ulcers after they butchered a cow in Lianyungang city on July 25.

The butchered animal, together with some other cows in the area, are said to have come from another province.

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