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Changyu wine products involved in pesticide residue rumor

(People's Daily Online)

10:04, August 15, 2012

(File photo)

According to sources, 10 wine products from three listed wine companies in China have been sent to the National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and test results show that all of these products contain traces of pesticide residue, namely carbendazim and metalaxyl. The wine from Changyu Group Company was found to have a higher trace of pesticide residue than that of the other two companies. Carbendazim is a banned pesticide in the United States for its potential risk of causing liver cancer.

On August 11, Changyu Group Company stated that the volume of the two pesticides found in its wine is extremely minor and is far below the EU standard and the national food standard, causing no harm to human health.

Netizens responded by saying that Changyu has been deeply affected by this situation and faces a public relations crisis. Domestic consumers may hold distrust toward Chinese brand products because of this event, which will be a blow to the entire wine industry. Authorized pesticides including carbendazim and metalaxyl are widely used in agricultural products including grain, vegetables and fruits. However, there is still no standard for pesticide residue limitation for wine products in China. Therefore, a standard should be formulated in timely fashion and supervision for pesticide use should be strengthened.

A netizen said that Changyu's response was disappointing because it emphasized that drinking wine containing tiny amounts of pesticide residue is not harmful to health instead of providing evidence to clarify its innocence and wondered if there was any manipulation behind the report. Rumors are meaningless if the product is of top quality.

Other netizens urged for the formulation of a pesticide residue standard and called for strengthening supervision on pesticide use.

Source: Economic Information Daily

Read the Chinese version:张裕陷风波 葡萄酒农残限量标准不应缺失

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