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Officers describe shooting of armed robber suspect

By Wu Wencong, Xu Wei  (China Daily)

09:04, August 15, 2012

Zhou Jin and Wang Xiaoyu, two police officers from the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, have told China Central Television about their gunfight with Zhou Kehua, who was suspected of killing 10 people in eight years, and how they finally shot him dead at around 6:50 am on Tuesday.

Zhou Jin said they got information that after the suspect's last robbery outside a bank in Chongqing's Shapingba district, he would make "another hit".

In response, the two officers were asked to guard an area near a bank in Tongjiaqiao village, Shapingba, beginning at 6 am on Tuesday, following orders from the public security bureau.

"At about 6:45 am, a colleague called me from another spot nearby, saying that a man who looked like the suspect was heading in our direction," said Zhou Jin. "But he said the man was talking on his cellphone, and we knew that one of the suspect's habits was never to use a cellphone."

So Zhou Jin followed the suspect from behind, while Wang approached him from another direction. As they followed him, the suspect turned his head several times to look back, which made him more suspicious to Zhou Jin.

They followed him across a street into an alley, and he started to walk faster.

"We also sped up. After we had gone about 30 meters into the alley and the distance between him and us was around 10 meters, he suddenly turned back, murmuring, 'Did I go the wrong way?' and walked toward us," said Zhou Jin.

He said he was extremely tense when the suspect turned to him and his colleague, and he thought, "It must be him and he's going to shoot us.

"My gun was still in my pocket and unloaded. The moment I saw him reaching for his gun, I loaded mine and backed off for shelter," said Zhou Jin.

Wang said the suspect was only about 3 meters away from them when he started shooting. Zhou Jin hid behind a telegraph pole and Wang hid in a nearby corner.

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