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Hunt under way for suspected robber, killer

By Xu Wei and Ma Wei (China Daily)

08:41, August 13, 2012

A massive manhunt is under way for a man police believe shot and killed a railway police officer on Friday.

The suspect, Zhou Kehua, who is also the suspect in a series of robberies and killings dating to 2004, is thought to have committed his latest homicide when the officer was patrolling a section of railway in Chongqing on Friday afternoon, according to an officer from the Chongqing public security bureau who did not want to be identified.

The attack has intensified the fears that have been stoked by the 42-year-old gunman's alleged crimes. He is believed to target people who are withdrawing money from banks and has become adept at dodging police manhunts.

The search for Zhou has been going on since Friday morning, when he is suspected of having killed a woman and injured another two in a robbery in which he is thought to have stolen 250,000 yuan ($39,300) from the victims.

By Sunday afternoon, large numbers of police officers, Armed Police Force officers and People's Liberation Army soldiers were combing the slopes of Geleshan Mountain, where Zhou is believed to be hiding. As part of the search, notices offering rewards for clues to Zhou's whereabouts have been posted in almost every street in urban parts of Chongqing and police have established checkpoints on many large streets and at tollgates on highways.

The Chongqing police are offering a 500,000 yuan reward for tips leading to Zhou's capture dead or alive.

The Ministry of Public Security has classified Zhou as a "class-A" suspect. In all, 5.4 million yuan in rewards are being offered for tips leading to his capture, according to media reports.

On Geleshan Mountain and in its environs, police officers have been dispatched in groups stationed 50 meters apart on roads leading up and down the mountain. A large number of officers, meanwhile, were standing at the top of the mountain road.

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