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Good Samaritan's suicide follows demands

By Xu Chi (Shanghai Daily)

13:44, August 10, 2012

A FISHMONGER who helped an elderly woman up in Xiangtan City of Hunan Province committed suicide by drinking a bottle of pesticide as the woman accused him of knocking her down and repeatedly asked him for compensation.

He Qun, wife of the fishmonger, Wang Peijun, said her husband's tricycle scratched a woman's tricycle at a vegetable market at about 7am on July 25. The woman jumped off her tricycle but knocked down an 83-year-old woman who was walking behind her, reported Xiaoxiang Morning Herald.

Wang immediately helped the elderly woman up, but the woman, surnamed Yuan, accused Wang of knocking her down and demanded compensation. The other tricycle driver paid the elderly woman 40 yuan (US$6.29) and Wang paid her 60 yuan and then he took her to hospital for X-rays, which showed that Yuan was fine, the newspaper said.

On the next day morning, Yuan went to the couple's fish store and told them that the hospital's diagnosis might be "inaccurate" as she felt aches in her chest after the accident. Yuan asked Wang to pay 7,000 yuan so she could go to another hospital to be checked. Wang paid her 6,500 yuan during mediation at a police station, the newspaper said.

Although Yuan and Wang signed a contract saying Wang would not be responsible for any other damages after paying the money, Yuan's relatives went to the couple's store on Monday, asking Wang to pay another 23,000 yuan.

Yuan's relatives said the elderly woman broke five bones in her chest during the accident and Wang paid them another 6,000 yuan.

On Tuesday morning, Wang saw another elderly woman knocked down by a tricycle rider who immediately fled. But the woman insisted that Wang take her to hospital and pay her medical bills, said Wang's wife.

After Wang got back from the hospital, Yuan's son called him to take back the 6,000 yuan compensation as the family wanted him to pay 200,000 yuan for Yuan's injuries.

During lunch on Tuesday, Wang called his wife to tell her what happened and then he drank a bottle of pesticide and died before his wife could reach the store.

She told the newspaper that before her husband committed suicide, some vendors in the market saw three tough guys with knives asking Wang to pay the 200,000 yuan compensation.

The three men said they would kill him if they didn't get the money by 2pm.

Police confirmed that they are now looking into the tragic case.

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