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Dating websites lack supervision and management

(People's Daily Online)

08:36, August 10, 2012

(A screen shot of

With the rapid development of dating websites in China during recent years, scammers also began to transfer their attention to these websites which provide a platform for single youths to date, according to China National Radio.

Due to the deficient identity authentication system, fraudulent behaviors such as coaxing people to spend money on wine and meals and even swindling money through sham marriages were seen on some dating websites including, and Recently, Mr. Hao who works in Zhengzhou also met such a "love rat."

Hao is a single man. After several failed blind dates, he registered on the dating website and soon met a girl named "Ye Qian." Ye invited Hao to meet her and brought him to a tea house.

At Hao's request, Ye ordered some desserts and two glasses of red wine. When the foods were serviced, Hao immediately felt dumbfounded.

Hao said, "Four dishes worth at most 100 yuan were charged at 598 yuan. I felt something wrong because I had read some news about these scams. Then, I thought she may be a scam artist."

In 2005, dating websites appeared in China. Urban youths eager to get married due to their rapid work pace and small circles of friends, now turn to new "online matchmakers." Especially, as matchmaking TV shows are becoming very popular in China, dating websites are also growing rapidly in China.

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Read the Chinese version: 婚恋网站存监管空白 酒托饭托化身女友行骗

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