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Pfizer's Centrum tablets blamed for deceptive marketing

(People's Daily Online)

09:40, August 08, 2012

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According to recent reports by some media, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) said that some instructions on the labels of the Pfizer Company's "centrum tablet" products, including "being good for eyes and bones," are deceptive. The CSPI also threatened to bring a lawsuit against the Pfizer, which has forced the Pfizer to cancel some advertising words from the labels.

According to sources, five "centrum tablet" products are currently sold in the Chinese market. The Pfizer Company (China) replied that the five products do not have the problem mentioned by the CSPI and therefore the Chinese market is not affected. A pharmaceutical analyst said that since China's relevant laws and regulations are too loose, the Chinese market has turned into an "exception" many times.

Query: Product labels are suspected to have deceptive words

In April of 2012, the CSPI sent a letter to the CEO of the Pfizer Company Lan Read, saying that some words on labels of the company's "centrum tablet" products, including "improving vigor and immunity" and "being good for heart, eyes, breasts, bones and intestinal tract," are deceptive, and requiring the company to adjust these labels.

The CSPI is an U.S. organization of protecting consumers' rights and interests. It once said that "the caramel pigment in coke is carcinogenic," causing a sensation and giving "the two coke companies of the world" a lot of troubles. The organization threatened that it would bring a lawsuit against the Pfizer unless it stops using these labels.

After the two sides communicated with each other, the Pfizer ultimately agreed that it will cancel the words of "being good for breasts" and "being good for intestinal canal" and change the words of "being good for heart" and "improving vigor." Regarding the cancellation time, "the partial cancellation of words on the labels of the products will be carried out in the next half year and the partial cancellation of the words on the labels of the official Website and advertisements will be completed within 30 days." The Pfizer Company said in a statement that it does not agree with the CSPI's viewpoint and it made such a decision just to solve the issue.

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