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Complaint letter for cracked Dell laptop screen

(People's Daily Online)

08:06, August 08, 2012

(File Photo)

A Chinese consumer surnamed Lu recently sent a complaint letter to People’s Daily Online, saying that the screen of a Dell laptop he bought less than a month ago cracked, but Dell refused to repair it for free because the company thinks it was “physical damage” and not covered under their warranty.

The full complaint letter reads as follows:

I bought a Dell Inspiron 7520 laptop on June 24, 2012. According to the salesperson, the laptop could serve my needs very well. I happened to have a preference for Dell products because all desktops and laptops in my company are from Dell, and during my contact with a U.S.-funded company a few years ago, their professionalism, perfectionism, and superb, durable products left a deep impression on me. Therefore, I bought the Dell laptop without hesitation.

On the night of July 16, less than a month after I bought the computer, I closed the laptop’s lid after turning it off. As there was a heat sink under the laptop, I lift the lid upward a little bit using both hands, but suddenly felt something went wrong at the areas where my hands touched the screen. I immediately turned on the computer, and found there was a crack on the screen. The area above the crack was all white, and the remaining area remained normal.

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