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Brief relief, but more wild weather on the way

By Jin Zhu, Tan Zongyang and Liu Ce (China Daily)

08:18, August 06, 2012

A girl stands with her father on the muddy ground at Pianling township, Xiuyan county, Liaoning province, on Sunday after Typhoon Damrey tore through the region. (China Daily/Wu Zhangjie)

With many regions still reeling from torrential rain and floods caused by two typhoons, a new round of wild weather will lash parts of China's coastal areas in coming days, authorities said.

As of 9 am Sunday, typhoons Saola and Damrey had wreaked havoc across seven provinces.

The typhoons left at least eight people dead and eight missing in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Liaoning and Hebei provinces, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. More than 1 million people had been evacuated, the ministry said.

"I never saw such heavy rain and didn't expect that the city would be flooded," said Qiao Tianguang, a 43-year-old villager in Gaizhou, one of the worst-hit cities in Northeast China's Liaoning.

Qiao drove a forklift for two days to save more than 20 people in danger. He said the water in streets was almost 2 meters deep. Small cars were submerged. There was no one in the streets except people trapped by the floods.

"We took seven pregnant women to hospital. It took about an hour because of the deep water and the debris such as TV sets and desks. Usually, it's only 15 minutes to get there," Qiao said.

Rainstorms caused by Typhoon Damrey eased on Saturday night in Liaoning. However, eight villages in Xiuyan county and Haicheng and Gaizhou cities still could not be accessed by vehicles because of washed-out roads.

"Some rescuers went there by boat, but communication has not yet been re-established," said Huang Dawei, a Gaizhou official.

Fifteen fire engines carried water to people in these areas, and authorities cut the power supply on Saturday to prevent people getting electrocuted. More than 2,500 kilograms of biscuits, 5,000 boxes of bottled water, 150,000 sausages and 1,000 boxes of bread were delivered to the temporary settlements in Gaizhou.

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