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Who spoils Apple in China?

(People's Daily Online)

09:45, August 04, 2012

The China Consumers' Association (CCA) has placed Apple Inc. on a "company integrity" blacklist, after issuing a joint statement along with its local branches in six provinces and municipalities a month ago urging the U.S. tech giant to revise its unfair repair policy. Experts said that certain government agencies have failed to strictly supervise multinational corporations, and even exonerated them from their wrongdoings. They should take the initiative to investigate Apple's unfair after-sales service in China.

Many local governments have provided unusual support and protection to multinational corporations that contribute much to local tax revenue, and failed to conduct strict supervision and inspection. Without the pressure from the media and public, regulatory agencies would not punish these companies for their unfair practices. Although the CCA has made active efforts to challenge Apple's unfair polices, it is not enough to force the aggressive company to give in since the CCA is not a law enforcement agency. Chinese consumers are in a particularly weak position when confronting big companies.

The principle of equality before the law requires law enforcement agencies to treat ordinary and famous companies equally. A disorderly market will only encourage unfair competition. The credibility of law enforcement agencies, legal fairness and justice, and effective protection of consumers' legitimate rights and interest all require fair law enforcement against possible heavy pressure. Only by doing so will Apple pay due respect to Chinese consumers.

Apple is the most profitable company in the world, and there are a large number of Apple fans, but none of them justify Apple's unfair policies. Apple must comply with the laws and regulations of the countries where its products are produced and sold. It has been holding high the flag of intellectual property rights, but should not expect to enjoy the protection of Chinese laws while staying above the law at the same time. Law enforcement agencies should not just pick off small companies, and should straighten out the boundary between the judiciary and power to maintain the inviolability of the law.

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Read the Chinese version: “苹果霸王条款”的臭德性是谁惯出来的

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