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Who is responsible for the double standard at Apple?

(People's Daily Online)

08:08, August 03, 2012

(File Photo)

The China Consumer Association (CCA) openly criticized Apple Inc. once again. Last week, the CCA announced the "Analysis on Complaints Received by Nationwide Consumers' Associations on the First Half of 2012," pointing out that the revised after-sales service clauses of Apple Inc. at the beginning of July still are ambiguous and suspected of cheating consumers.

One month ago, the CCA and the consumers' associations of six provinces and cities had jointly issued an "Opinions on Unfair Repair and Maintenance Clauses of Apple Inc.," asking the company to revise its overbearing clauses.

Obviously, the CCA's criticism is helpless to stop the arrogance and prejudice of Apple Inc., which still showed a posture that "I'm arrogant. What can you do about me?"

Apple Inc. ignored the CCA's criticism because it knew clearly the "underlying rules" in China. The CCA has not the law enforcement power and cannot replace consumers to take public interest litigation against Apple Inc. What they can do is to support the infringed consumers to sue or denounce the misconducts damaging consumer rights and interests through media outlets. However, the individual consumers are difficult to shake these transnational corporations such as Apple due to hard evidence collecting, high cost and time-consuming, though supported by consumers' associations.

Since the consumers' associations have no rights to sue on the overbearing maintenance clauses, supervision departments should undertake the responsibility. However, no supervision departments have taken action.

Source:Guangzhou Daily

Read the Chinese version:谁在纵容“苹果”的双重标准?

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