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McKinsey launches leadership institute in Beijing

By Liang Jun (People's Daily Online)

13:10, August 02, 2012

Global management consultancy McKinsey & Company launched the McKinsey China Leadership Institute or MCLI in Beijing on August 1, announced Haimeng Zhang, partner and leader of McKinsey's Organization Practice, during a news briefing on Wednesday in Beijing.

As the first center of its kind in China, the institute will be dedicated to helping Chinese companies build the capabilities to navigate the challenges they face home and abroad, as well as rise to the challenge of becoming world-class players.

According to a recent survey conducted by McKinsey, one out of six Chinese companies in China believed that capability-building was a number one priority. The Chinese government also recognizes the need for domestic firms to substantially transform and upgrade their approach to management.

“The McKinsey China Leadership Institute represents a natural extension of our commitment to helping Chinese companies build the capabilities they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive, globalized business environment. We are excited about engaging with leading Chinese firms to help them deepen and broaden their functional management skills", said Kevin Chan, Partner and Leader of the McKinsey China Leadership Institute who is based in Shanghai.

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