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More well-educated candidates become chengguan

By Zhou Wenting (China Daily)

08:24, August 02, 2012

Ding Tao(second from the left), a chengguan who has a master's degree, works with his colleagues to persuade a peddler near Shanghai's bustling Nanjing Road to move on. (China Daily/Huo Shijie)

More highly educated recruits are joining the ranks of China's chengguan, the urban management officers who have come in for criticism at times for violent law-enforcement tactics.

Eleven postgraduate students majoring in politics and law have received offers from the urban management division of Shanghai's Baoshan district, representing nearly 65 percent of those recruited this year.

This is mainly because it's the first time chengguan in the district have been considered civil servants, said a publicity officer for the division named Xu.

"It may not be surprising to see a greater number of highly educated people working as chengguan in the future because the position demands a bachelor's degree at least," Xu said.

Some of the new urban management officers will be assigned to offices, which require more professional work, although the majority will be dispatched to the front line to maintain order and cleanliness in the city.

Hu Zhenhua, director of the Shenzhen Academy of Urban Management, said city management is in need of high-quality personnel because more is involved than merely driving street vendors away.

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