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Capital issues fresh warning of rain

By Jin Haixing and Wang Xiaodong (China Daily)

08:50, July 31, 2012

The Beijing meteorological center issued a blue alert for rainstorms on Monday night as the capital's areas experienced heavy rains.

The average precipitation in eastern Fangshan district, Daxing and Tongzhou districts and central areas of Beijing were expected to reach 30 mm, said the alert, issued at 7:35 pm.

The center had previously forecast heavy rain in the capital from Monday night to Tuesday.

The Ping'anli Subway Station was closed at 7:50 pm because of heavy rain, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said on its micro blog.

The commission asked residents to be on guard.

Due to bad weather, 23 flights were delayed and 26 canceled at Beijing Capital International Airport as of 8 pm on Monday .

The capital has been hit by several downpours over the past 10 days, particularly on July 21, when the heaviest rainfall in six decades lashed Beijing, causing 77 deaths.

"As soon as the meteorological center issued the warning we broadcast it to residents," said Zhai Ruisheng, Party chief of Beicheying village in Fangshan district, on Monday, which was worst hit by the deluge on July 21.

"Village officials were also dispatched to inform every household and advise them to go to higher places in case the rainfall got worse."

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