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Drivers' behavior taxing for those caught in storms

By Zheng Xin (China Daily)

08:29, July 31, 2012

Passengers wait in line to take taxis at the Beijing Capital International Airport on July 25. Zhangli Mingzhu / for China Daily

The capital will crack down on taxi drivers who overcharge and refuse to take passengers, occurrences that stirred up public discontent during the recent mayhem caused by heavy rains, authorities said.

More frequent investigations and supervision will be conducted on the city's taxi industry in case drivers break regulations, according to the municipal government's micro blog on Sunday, a move that comes in response to frequent complaints from commuters.

People can call 010-6835-1150 or 010-6835-1570 to lodge a complaint, the authority said.

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport will also arrange for more taxis in key areas such as the airport and railway stations to ensure no one is stuck on the road.

With the downpours that have hit the capital since July 21, frequent complaints have arisen from commuters over taxis overcharging on rainy days, especially at the airport, railway stations, public transport hubs and downtown areas.

Li Yang, a teacher in Beijing, was charged 100 yuan ($15.70) from Sanyuanqiao to the Wangjing area on Friday, when it was raining, according to her micro blog. Normally the fare would be 15 yuan.

After Li and her husband tried to take a picture of the license plate to make a complaint later, the driver walked out of the taxi and punched her husband in the face. "I was very scared," she said.

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