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Are synthetic drugs toxic?

By Yao Chun (People's Daily Online)

08:27, July 31, 2012

Shi Jianchun (Yao Chun/ People's Daily Online)

Synthetic drugs are also called new type drugs or club drugs in contrast to tradition drugs such as opium, heroin. The rumor goes that synthetic drugs can make people happy, help lose weight and improve the body function. Moreover, synthetic drugs will not affect your daily life because it is not addictive. Are synthetic drugs really so miraculous?

Recently, People’s Daily Online interviewed Shi Jianchun, deputy director of drug preventive education base. Shi Jianchun said in recent years synthetic drugs become more and more popular, in all of the drug-related cases of China synthetic drugs accounts for the major part.

But different opinion were heard from experts, the damage of new type of drugs is invisible, it’s hard to distinguish those who are taking new type of drugs because these drug addicts can lead normal life and look healthy,” Shi Jianchun said: ”In fact these drugs can cause great damage to the brain nervous system and this damage is irreversible. Many drug addicts are suffering from reduced IQ, insanity, personality disorder, etc. All these happen before you notice. When you and people around you realize this change it will have become too late.”

Shi Jianchun once talked with a female drug addict who recognized that the main issue troubles her is forgetfulness. She always got whether she had locked the door after leaving home. When she came home again, she found that the door really had not been locked but after she entered the house she forget why she came back… “The memory disappears in very short time.”

Finally Shi Jianchun said, ”Drug disguised by its numerous variations is approaching us stealthily. We need to have a clear understanding, cherish life and keep away from drugs.”


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