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Water main break cuts Line 8 into two

By Ni Yinbin (Shanghai Daily)

09:24, July 30, 2012

METRO Line 8 was cut into two separate loops yesterday with one of its stations suspended from service after a water main burst.

Although workers drained the flood by the afternoon, the incident still affected thousands of subway passengers who had to walk out into the heat to take shuttle buses.

The rupture was caused during construction at the Zhoujiadu Station of Line 8 in the Pudong New Area, which is still under construction and has not yet been opened for service, according to local Metro authorities.

"The construction team was doing the pipes outside the station, during which the rupture happened," said Lu Cheng, a deputy manager of Line 8.

The Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Co Ltd, the water supplier in the area, said they received an emergency call at 3:44am.

The gush of floodwater was stopped at 5:35am.

But the operation of Line 8 had to be altered with a suspension of Yaohua Road Station next to Zhoujiadu in Pudong.

The operation of Line 8 from Shiguang Road, Yangpu District, to the Aerospace Museum in Minhang District was then separated into two loops - Shiguang Road to Xizang Road S. and Chengshan Road to the Aerospace Museum.


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