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164,000 yuan stolen by nannies of twin tots

By Zhao Wen (Shanghai Daily)

08:51, July 30, 2012

TWO baby-sitters who stole cash and properties worth more than 164,000 yuan (US$25,698) from their employer were jailed for larceny yesterday by the Xuhui District People's Court.

The convicts, surnamed Zhang and Yang, are both Shanghai natives in their 50s. Zhang got eight years in prison while Yang was sentenced to eight months for stealing a smaller amount.

The pair were hired by a local family in a high-end residential complex in Xuhui District in March and July last year to look after newborn twins at a monthly salary of more than 4,000 yuan each. Their job was to take care of a twin sister each and cook for the family and the twin's grandparents who lived in the same high-rise.

Prosecutors said Zhang, who was hired earlier by the family, stole a Cartier watch, a gold bracelet and a gold temple block when the couple was away on a vacation trip for over 10 days last August.

Seeing the couple hadn't noticed their property missing, Zhang became more daring and began to steal more valuables such as gold accessories, diamond rings, designer watches and bags, gift cards, a digital camera and iPhone from her employer, the court heard.

Yang took cash, gift cards and two pairs of shoes totaling about 10,000 yuan. Zhang sold stolen jewelry to a private gold shop. The storekeeper, surnamed Chen, got eight months in prison.

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