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University sacks prof who was 3 times a fake

By Xu Chi (Shanghai Daily)

08:07, July 30, 2012

A PROFESSOR has been fired by his university and disqualified from China's Recruitment Program of Global Experts for copying his resume and academic articles from three other academics with the same name.

Lu Jun, 39, who was a professor with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, has admitted falsifying his educational background, work experience and published articles by copying the details from overseas professors, the Beijing Times reported.

Lu had been teaching at the university since last November. Previously, he claimed to have been working in the United States.

In April, Lu was admitted to the "1,000 Young Experts" program as part of the nation's global experts program, which was launched in 2008 to attract overseas talent to help boost the country's scientific and technical innovation.

According to the university's website, Lu was "the first professor at the school to receive such an honor." As a member of the program, Lu would receive a 500,000 yuan (about US$78,125) subsidy from the central government and also yearly research grants.

Last Friday, China's Overseas Senior Experts Recruitment Office announced that it had disqualified Lu as a member of the program.

The next day, the university said Lu had been fired.

The newspaper said Lu had been exposed by Fang Zhouzi, a fighter against pseudoscience and academic fraud, when Lu published his resume and seven academic articles in an online ad to hire assistants.

Fang said the seven articles listed were all the work of a professor at Yale University who was also named Lu Jun.

Lu's educational background and experience was also found to be a copy of other academics called Lu Jun, a common Chinese name.

"Apparently Lu had copied working experiences and academic articles from three Dr Lu Juns to form his own. That's very creative," Fang said.

"I called the office of the expert program and the officials said they were totally shocked. They acted very fast as they published the announcement (to disqualify Lu) in the evening," Fang told the newspaper.

Fang said that the judges of the program may not have been thorough enough when checking applications.

So far, the university and program officials haven't commented further.

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