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Volkswagen recalls 46 Beetle models in US

(People's Daily Online)

11:05, July 28, 2012

According to information released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), due to defective tires, Volkswagen will recall 46 2012 Beetle models in the United States.

“The summer tires installed in these cars do not accord with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards,” the NHTSA said in the report on this recalling case, “The unqualified tires may lead to high tire pressure or low tire inflation, increasing the risk of tire burst.”

Volkswagen said to the NHTSA that the problem was caused by an error in a production link. Currently, no accident and casualty reports related to this problem have been found.

The distributors of the Volkswagen will replace the defective tires with new ones for owners of the cars. It is expected that the recall will start in September.

Read the Chinese version: 轮胎存爆胎风险 大众在美召回46辆甲壳虫


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