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Games get great play in China

By Andrew Moody, Zhao Yinan (China Daily)

10:04, July 28, 2012

Chen Miao, a gymnastics fan, strikes a pose in front of a London bus at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing on Friday, as the city's residents are in a festival mood to celebrate the opening of the London Olympics. Chen dreams of winning gold at the Olympics one day. (Photo/China Daily)

Country that played host in 2008 prepares to watch 2012 London edition in very, very large numbers

Though the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games took place in London, the largest group of spectators gathered around their TV sets and computers in the middle of the night in China.

Viewership of the summer Games in the nation that last hosted them is expected to be more than any other country in the world.

According to a poll by Ipsos published on the eve of the Games, 92 percent of the population planned to watch the event at some point, a far greater proportion than even the 61 percent in the host country, the United Kingdom.

Gu Xiaowei, 24, a marketing executive for Mercedes Benz from Shanghai, said she wouldn't miss the opening ceremony for the world.

She was gearing up for the Games by visiting a special London display — which featured a replica London bus at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing — with her boyfriend on Friday.

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