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Editor's note: Steve Jobs changed the world with his innovative thinking and insight of human nature. Many people are addicted to the products made by Apple Inc and take pride on becoming an "Apple maniac." In fact, the Apple products brought us not only joyfulness but also depression hardly concealed. Moreover, there are many drawbacks behind the dazzling Apple products.

Sin I: Disregard supplier's pollution

One of Five sins of Apple Inc. is that it disregard suppliers' pollution problem. "If you realize your favorite Apple is produced in such terrible condition, you may throw up." In February, volunteers from two environmental organizations deliver a letter to an Apple shop located in New York's Manhattan.     >>
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Sin II: Ignores copyrighters' appeal

The "intellectual property right" is a topic that Americans always talk about proudly. But this time, Apple Inc, as one of most renowned technological companies of the United States, has adopted an "ostrich policy" on the intellectual property right protection and expressed certain defiance on appeals given by Chinese copyright holders.   >>Read More
Sin III: Erotic information

If we connect Apple Inc's software application stores with its offline stores, it means that Apple Inc sells practical products of these electronic books within China by using the Internet. In China, spreading erotic information publicly is a crime. Apple Inc, as a well-known technological company, must know it.   >>Read More

Sin IV: Product quality

At first, it was the iPhone4 product's design defect of the "death holding" (You hold the phone with your hand, you lose the signal). Then, it was iPad3 product's problem of overheating.
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Sin V: Freedom control

The inconveniences directly felt by consumers include: Batteries of Apple mobile phones have low electric capacities, but Apple Inc does not allow consumers to change them .

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Something more you should know about Apple

Will the unique Apple Inc come to an end or have a new start? Regarding the future of Apple, many people will recall its history and think of the different results of open and close strategies implemented by the Apple, Microsoft and IBM. Apple Inc was a winner in the beginning, then turned into a loser, but now has turned into an undefeatable “god.” How about the future? As the Google and Microsoft are catching up, will Apple lower itself and start to listen in order to avoid the repeat of its history?