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Dumex raises milk powder price by more than 10 percent

(People's Daily Online)

08:29, July 27, 2012

A dairy industry expert believes that the frequently-emerging safety problems of domestic milk powder have made Chinese consumers rely on foreign brand milk powder. Recently, Dumex raised the price of its milk powder by more than 10 percent using the excuse of changing its package.

The old package Dumex product named Gold Shield "You Kang Li" has stopped producing, and the price of the new package Dumex product named "You Jie" will rise by more than 10 percent.

Since the old package product has not sold out in the store, the new package product has not started selling. In the official flagship store of the Aiyingshi, the reporter found the new package product "You Jie."

Currently, the price of a 400g bag (section 1) of the new package product is 103 yuan. In another store, the reporter found that the price of a 400g bag of the old package "You Kang Li" milk powder (section 1) is 90 yuan. The price has risen by more than 10 percent after the package was changed.

A relevant worker said that, if the formula has been upgraded, the manufacturer would have greatly advertised it. But currently, the reason for the rise of the price is only "package changing."

Read the Chinese version: 洋奶粉轮番提价 多美滋奶粉借改包装涨价一成多

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