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Guideline issued to better protect Good Samaritans


08:17, July 27, 2012

BEIJING, July 26 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday issued a guideline to better protect Good Samaritans and give them more preferential treatment across all fields.

The guideline, which was published on the central government's official website, stipulates in detail the measures to protect Good Samaritans' rights in basic household living standards, employment, education and housing, as well as health care for those who are injured or disabled in their heroic actions.

Co-issued by the ministries of civil affairs, education, public security and finance, the guideline urges relevant departments to seriously implement policies to provide allowances and benefits to Good Samaritans who die or become disabled due to their actions.

"The guideline is conducive to resolving the practical difficulties facing Good Samaritans and their families," said Sun Shaocheng, vice minister of civil affairs. "It will also help foster a healthy social atmosphere by promoting justice and play an active role in maintaining social harmony and stability."

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