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Live cockroaches found in box of Carrefour's soda water

(People's Daily Online)

08:27, July 26, 2012

(File Photo)

A Chinese consumer surnamed Yang bought a box of four bottles of soda water at Carrefour's Wangjing store on the afternoon of July 22, but found several live cockroaches in the box after he returned home. Failing to receive a reasonable explanation from the supermarket that day, Mr. Yang went to the Wangjing supermarket again on July 23, and the manger on duty appeared willing to solve the issue, but said he could not make formal decisions without the say-so of his absent supervisor.

Yang put the box of bottled soda water in the refrigerator after returning home from the supermarket, but found several live cockroaches in the box at about 7 p.m. He and his wife immediately took the box of water to the supermarket, and told the service desk about the issue. A supermarket employee said, “Then just return it,” and did not give the couple further explanation. They stayed at the supermarket until midnight, but none of the employees tried helping solve the issue.

Yang went to the Wangjing supermarket again on the morning of July 23, and the manager on duty surnamed Huo said he would try to solve the issue properly. Yang put forward three conditions: a clean-up of his refrigerator, car, and house, compensation 10 times the price of the four bottles of soda water, and an apology by the supermarket employee who received him on the evening of July 22.

Huo said he would apply to his supervisor for cleaning costs, and the supermarket's department of legal affairs would determine the amount of compensation. The supermarket receptionist apologized to Yang and his wife for negligence that night. As for Yang's request to have the cleaning work done by professionals, Huo said that he would have to wait a few days for the approval of the currently absent customer service manager.

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Read the Chinese version: 家乐福望京店苏打水包装盒内现活蟑螂


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