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Stepmom cuts up boy, 8

By Saladin Xu  (Shanghai Daily)

08:40, July 25, 2012

POLICE in Shanxi Province have detained a young woman who killed her eight-year-old stepson and chopped his body into pieces because he snuck a chicken claw, local media reported.

The 26-year-old stepmother, Zhu Hongling, told police that she was angry on July 12 when she found the boy eating a chicken claw without her permission and beat him, news website reported.

Zhu took the boy to the rooftop of their apartment, threatening to let him fall. When he cried loudly, Zhu tried to silence him by striking his head until it bled with the handle of an axe, the website reported.

Then the stepmother chopped on the boy's head with the axe for several times until he died, police told the website.

Zhu said she planned to hide the body in a washing machine but as the child was too big for the drum, she chopped up his body and hid the pieces in different places in her bedroom.

Then she put the boy's legs in bags and carried them on her motorcycle 2 kilometers away to throw them into weeds in a desolate area, she told police.

The boy's body, without arms or legs, was found on the rooftop of their apartment two days later by his grandmother, who smelled a strong odor and saw flies near the woman's bedroom. Other parts of the boy and the axe she used to butcher him were found in closets in the bedroom.

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