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Nanshan milk powder found to contain carcinogen

(People's Daily Online)

07:45, July 25, 2012

Five batches of Nanshan milk powder contain a carcinogen.

On the night of July 20, the Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce released the results of random inspections on recent dairy products in the market. Samples were drawn from 1,231 batches of products, of which, 1,204 were qualified. The qualification rate was about 98 percent.

One noticeable thing was that some products of name brands, including the Bright cream, Nanshan milk powder and Guangzhou Shawan Jiangzhi cheese, are all on the “black list.” Especially, the Aixinduo sheep milk powder has been on the “black list” three times in last two months.

According to the results, the dairy product with severest problem is the Nanshan milk powder. The industrial and commercial administration sector said that, samples were drawn from five batches of the Nanshan milk powder, and all the five batches contained the severe carcinogen of the aflatoxin M1.

The milk powder products with the problem, which were all produced by the Hunan Changsha Yahua Dairy Company, are the Bywise bigger infant formula milk powder (section 2) (400g/box, 23/08/2011), Bywise golden package bigger infant formula milk powder (second 2) (400g/box, 04/08/2011), Bywise baby formula milk powder (section 3) (900g/can, 08/08/2011), Bywise bigger infant formula milk powder (section 2) (700g/bag, 09/07/2011) and Bywise golden package bigger infant formula milk powder (section 2) (400g/box, 17/12/2011).

A customer service worker of the company said that the company did not receive any notice form Guangdong and did not know that it was on the “black list” until July 21 when a customer called the company.

The worker also said that every batch of products produced by the company is inspected by a third-party quality inspection organization and will not be put on the market if it is unqualified, and the company can offer the test report for every batch. If something new occurs, the worker will contact the reporter.

Amount of bacterial colonies in Bight cream exceeds limit

At the end of July, the Bright Dairy and Food Company was involved in a “soda” scandal. The company quickly explained that the problem was caused by its careless work of washing the pipe, and stated that it would absolutely guarantee qualities of its products in the future.

However, while this scandal has not completely quieted down, the Guangzhou Administration of Industry and Commerce found another problem of its products. The 50 percent fat reduction cheese slice (200g/bag, 23/02/2012) produced by the Fan Gu Yi Dairy Branch Company of the Shanghai Bright Cheese and Butter Company and the Bright cream (125g/box, 23/04/2012) produced by the Ao De Hua Dairy (Beijing) Company both have the problem of the amount of bacterial colonies exceeding the limit. Currently, the products with the problem have stopped selling.

On July 21, the Bright Company replied that, of the 840 slices of the 50 percent fat reduction cheese inspected by the industrial and commercial administration sector, only two have the problem of the amount of bacterial colonies exceeding the limit. Of the ten pieces of butter, only one has the problem.

The reason for the problem is that the products were squeezed during the long-distance transportation, and in addition, the environment where they were sold had unsteady temperature.

Read the Chinese version:南山奶粉5批次含强致癌物

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