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Unidentified object found in Sanyuan yogurt

(People's Daily Online)

09:49, July 24, 2012

(An unidentified object in a box of Sanyuan yogurt)

Recently, Mr. Zhi found an unidentified object in a box of Sanyuan yogurt. Although the manufacturer came to communicate with him about it, it is still unclear what the object really is.

On the afternoon of July 19, the reporter saw the box of yogurt already opened at Zhi's home. Its date of manufacture was July 4 and its quality guarantee period was 18 days. Zhi said that he bought it from a supermarket not long ago. When his wife was drinking it, she felt something strange, and after she had drunk a half of it, a black ball with a diameter of about 1 cm suddenly came into her mouth.

Then, a worker from the Sanyuan Company Ms. Ma came to his home to deal with issue. "She said it was a moldy piece and the company would compensate me with a carton of milk products worth 50 or 60 yuan. I am not satisfied with it," said Mr. Zhi.

Read the Chinese version: 三元酸奶被指喝出异物 厂家尚未回应为何物

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