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3 killed in BMW M3 high-speed crash in Shanghai

By Ni Yinbin (Shanghai Daily)

08:21, July 23, 2012

Firefighters douse flames in a car that crashed in the Bund Tunnel yesterday.

A MAN and two women died in a single-car crash in the Bund Tunnel early yesterday morning, police said.

The driver, Yu Ji, was saved by a seat belt and wasn't seriously hurt.

Police ruled out drunk driving or drugged driving by Yu and said the cause of the accident was still under investigation.

The crash happened around 5:09am, when the four were headed home from a karaoke club near Huaihai Road M.

The white BMW M3 was going an estimated 140 to 180 kilometers per hour in the tunnel, and when it crashed its speed was going 177kph, police said. The tunnel's speed limit is 40kph.

Chen Nanyang, who turned 26 yesterday, was the man who was thrown from the car with his girlfriend.

Both died at scene, police said.

Chen's younger sister, Chen Rui, was rushed to a hospital nearby but was pronounced dead around 9:30am.

"We were celebrating Chen's birthday overnight and when I got the call I thought it was just a small scratch or something," said a man surnamed Xia, a friend who was at the club and rushed to the tunnel.

"I knew it's all over when I arrived and saw the scene."

"None of us drove last night except Yu," Xia added. "And somehow they all got in his car."

Xia said all of them had been drinking in the club.

The sedan caught fire and rescuers had to cordon off the tunnel.

Speeding in the tunnel is common, often at 70kph, local drivers said.

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