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211 boxes of unsafe JinMaiLang instant noodles seized

(People's Daily Online)

09:39, July 18, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Jin Mai Lang Food Company, one of the biggest instant noodle manufacturers in China, recently said that it was applying for re-examination after some of its products were found to contain excessive acid value.

However, Sanmenxia Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce in Henan province said that Jin Mai Lang failed to apply for re-examination within the required period of time, which means the company has given up its right to have the involved products re-examined.

Henan Administration for Industry and Commerce disclosed three kinds of disqualified Jin Mai Lang products on its official Website on July 11. All the three kinds of products are produced by the Shanxi Yuncheng Jin Mai Lang Food Company.

On July 11, the Jin Mai Lang Food Company said that it was applying for a re-test to relevant departments.

According to previous media reports, the industrial and commercial sector already randomly tested Jin Mai Lang instant noodles products in May of 2012. An anonymous worker of Sanmenxia Administration of Industry and Commerce said that, after the result of the test came out, the administration had informed the Jin Mai Lang distributor within five working days, and the distributor should contact with the manufacturer.

However, the Jin Mai Lang distributor did not apply for a re-test. According to the "Working System for Food Sampling Inspection," if the company inspected does not apply for a re-test within the prescribed period, the company will be regarded to have given up applying for a re-test.

Read the Chinese version:工商部门:今麦郎放弃复检 已查扣211箱不合格产品

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