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Qingdao unsafe, allege tourists (2)

(Global Times)

09:36, July 17, 2012

One of the injured logistics employees, surnamed Yu, said he was hurt on the hand and back, but did not go to hospital. He could not be bothered to go, he said, after watching how local authorities handled their case.

"In the four hours after police arrived, they did nothing but guard the club's door, no matter what we said about going in to find those who had beaten us," said Yu.

"When police finally knocked on the door at 2 am, to let us identify the bullies, the club was empty," said Yu.

Chen said they went to protest Sunday morning to demand a thorough investigation, mostly over safety concerns for some employees who will remain in the city for training until Friday.

"We were threatened and told to leave or be killed on Saturday night, by a local male who apparently is associated with the club," said Chen.

Yu alleged that members of staff also received threatening calls and door knocks at their hotel that night.

Chen, Yu and their 50 colleagues held up pieces of paper, on which were written characters saying "crackdown on underworld gangs, protect tourists' safety," outside the offices of Qingdao city government around 10 am Sunday morning.

They were there for four or five hours, and during this time, one male government official came out to talk to them, said Yu. He alleged the official advised them to disperse and not make a big deal out of a small case.

Pictures uploaded to social networks Monday included a photograph captioned "a vice director of Shinan district of Qingdao police, surnamed Shao apologizing, after [we] demanded justice."

However, on Monday a media officer, surnamed Wang, from Qingdao Public Security Bureau said there was nothing to apologize for, as the club employees involved in the fight were arrested the night of the accident, information police released on their official microblog Sunday.

Wang denied any ignorance or favoritism exists in the investigation.

"There's no update on the case or communication with the Beijing company, but Qingdao police with no doubt quickly acted on the report [at the club] as always and should not be questioned," said Wang.

Chen said they have sent a letter to the local police Monday morning, and added that currently they could not rule out the possibility of holding a press conference in Beijing to reveal the pictures and videos they have.

"As our staff didn't identify the suspects, who knows if they had the real criminals; let's wait and see," said Chen.

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