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Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅴ): Freedom control

(People's Daily Online)

08:27, July 17, 2012


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Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅱ): Ignores copyrighters'appeal
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Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅳ): Product quality

Apple or freedom, which one do you choose?

The last sentence is the title of the article written by a professor from the Harvard Law School for the U.K. Financial Times. Not only software developers but also common consumers can feel the inconveniences created by Apple.

The inconveniences directly felt by consumers include: Batteries of Apple mobile phones have low electric capacities, but Apple Inc does not allow consumers to change them; The Apple system does not support the computer animation and video well; The Apple mobile phone card cannot be used in other mobile phones; The Apple system is not compatible with other systems.

Maybe we cannot say all of these are Apple Inc's faults, but many consumers indeed feel they are controlled by Apple. Consumers are already used to the open Internet, and once they enter a half-closed system, they will inevitably worry about such questions as the monopoly and privacy protection. We hope that Apple can give consumers more freedoms while maintaining its special features.

Will the unique Apple Inc come to an end or have a new start?

Regarding the future of Apple, many people will recall its history and think of the different results of open and close strategies implemented by the Apple, Microsoft and IBM. Apple Inc was a winner in the beginning, then turned into a loser, but now has turned into an undefeatable "god." How about the future? As the Google and Microsoft are catching up, will Apple lower itself and start to listen in order to avoid the repeat of its history?

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