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Test results of foreign-brand milk powder products still uncertain

(People's Daily Online)

09:53, July 14, 2012

Regarding the incident that three foreign milk powder brands are accused for adding vanillin into their baby milk powder products, a dramatic scene appeared on July 11.

The Nutrition and Food Safety Inspection Center under the Hunan Agricultural University, as an key side of this incident, declared on July 11 that, "The center's test report on the baby milk powder products of three foreign brands has errors, and therefore, the results of the tests on the samples of this batch are all invalid."

However, many people actually doubt of the "error" explanation given by the inspection center and call on authoritative departments to interfere in the investigation and give the public a correct and clear explanation. According to sources, the Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision of Guangzhou has intervened to carry out further investigation.

The testing side says it is a test report with errors and no vanillin was found actually.

The inspection center said that, the test report offered by the center was published on the Internet on July 9, the related enterprises made official statements on it, and the center attached great importance to the statements and immediately organized quality inspection experts of the province to re-study the test course and report. The conclusion is that: no vanillin was found in the samples. The center explained that the "errors" were caused by careless workers who misread the chromatographic analysis picture. Therefore, the center declared, "The test results on the samples of this batch are all invalid."

At last, the center made an apology for the negative influence on consumers and enterprises caused by its errors.

Read the Chinese version:洋奶粉检测结果'扑朔迷离' 专家建议多方复检

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Test results of foreign-brand milk powder products still uncertain

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