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Another woman tells of a forced abortion

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

09:24, July 13, 2012

DAYS after a Chinese woman settled a claim over her forced abortion, another mother has revealed that she was forced to lose her child when about seven and a half months pregnant.

Pan Chunyan, 31, who lives in Shishi, a city in the southeastern Fujian Province, said she was forcibly taken to a hospital by local family planning officials in April to undergo an induced labor because she already had two children.

One of the officials grabbed her hand to place her fingerprint on a surgery agreement.The official, who pretended to be a relative, also signed the document, according to a Heilongjiang TV report.

An eyewitness, Wang Qiulan, told TV reporters that around seven officials had carried Pan into the hospital.

"They never attempted to persuade me to give up having the baby. They just pulled me directly to the hospital," Pan said.

Zheng Li, a doctor at the Xianyou County Maternity and Pediatrics Hospital, said Pan was six and a half months into pregnancy, one month less than she had claimed.

However, under Chinese law, induced labor is illegal for women who are more than six months pregnant, including those who violate the one-child policy.

Local family planning officials have not commented on the incident.

Early last month, Feng Jianmei, 22, was told to end her seven-month pregnancy after her family refused to pay 40,000 yuan (US$6,276) as a guarantee of clearing the way to allow her to have a second child.

Details of the case, including several photos of the fetus lying next to Feng on her hospital bed in Zhenping County, Shaanxi Province, were posted on online forums and sparked anger across the country.

Two top officials in Zhenping were sacked while five others received disciplinary punishments.

Feng received 70,000 yuan in an out-of-court settlement.

The National Population and Family Planning Commission is sending 10 teams to 19 provinces, cities and counties to curb misconduct in family planning law enforcement.

Wang Xia, head of the national commission, said: "No law enforcement raids will be allowed and there should be a system in place to prevent violent enforcement."


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