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Saved family apologize to dead rescuer

By Ji Jin (China Daily)

09:03, July 13, 2012

A family who were rescued from a near drowning in a river and then disappeared without a word, have shown up at the memorial rite of one of their rescuers.

Li Ming, his wife Yang Baiye, their 5-year-old son and the child's aunt Yang Duo, all fell into the river in Loudi, Hunan province on July 3.

Four passers-by' jumped into the river to save the family but one man, 27-year old Deng Jinjie, who had been walking with his dog along the river bank, drowned during the rescue.

Accompanied by local authorities, the three saved adults visited Deng's home on July 10. The family apologized to Deng's portrait and his family for disappearing after the rescue.

The saved family simply left the scene silently soon after they were rescued, paying no attention to the drowning Deng.

The case has attracted wide spread attention after media reports of Deng's heroic actions. The public praised Deng and strongly condemned the family for leaving without attempting to help their rescuer.

Local police tracked down the family 7 days after the incident.

Rescued man Yang Baiye, said his family left the scene because they did not realize that a rescuer was drowning.

A publicity official with the local government confirmed to Yangcheng Evening News that the authority is applying to honor Deng with the official title of martyr and will assist his parents to apply for the death benefit pension.


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