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Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅱ): Ignores copyrighters'appeal

(People's Daily Online)

08:20, July 12, 2012

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On April 24, the related department of China expressed that they hope Apple Inc. can value and positively respond to the appeal of Chinese writers.

Some Chinese copyright holders, who are mainly famous writers and publishing houses, said that some application programs sold by Apple stores contain unauthorized works. "According to preliminary investigations, what these copyright holders said is true."

The "intellectual property right" is a topic that Americans always talk about proudly. But this time, Apple Inc, as one of most renowned technological companies of the United States, has adopted an "ostrich policy" on the intellectual property right protection and expressed certain defiance on appeals given by Chinese copyright holders.

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  4. Five "sins" of Apple (Ⅱ): Ignores copyrighters'appeal

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