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Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅰ): Disregard supplier's pollution

(People's Daily Online)

09:41, July 11, 2012

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Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅱ): Ignores copyrighters'appeal

Edited and translated by Ma Xi, Liang Jun and Huang Beibei,People's Daily Online

Steve Jobs has changed the world by his innovative thinking and deep insight of human beings. But the bright Apple brings us not only happiness but also disappointment.

One of Five sins of Apple Inc. is that it disregard suppliers' pollution problem.

"If you realize your favorite Apple is produced in such terrible condition, you may throw up." In February, volunteers from two environmental organizations deliver a letter to an Apple shop located in New York's Manhattan.

While the Apple Inc. grabs the lion share of the profits but the providers only get very little. The company depresses the profitability of suppliers to the bottom line through its strong control. Via the pass of value chain, at last workers, communities and the environment become victims shadowed by the giant company.

Some media reported that in August 2011, five Chinese environmental non-governmental organizations, including the Public Environmental Research Center, jointly released a report announcing a pollution map of Apple's supply chain in China, exposing 27 suspected Apple suppliers, directly pointing out there is a huge problem of environmental pollution of Apple's suppliers in China. It also said that the chic Apple products come at the price of "damage the environment and hurt the community, at the expense of workers' interests".

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