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Part of quarantine certificates of KFC suppliers non-standard

(People's Daily Online)

08:36, July 11, 2012

Edited and translated byYan Meng, People's Daily Online

Many problems have been found in the Chinese Yum warehousing and logistics branch, the supplier of more than 600 KFC stores in North China, such as missing part of the information for inspection, non-standard quarantine certificates, according to the Beijing Animal Health Inspection.

The law enforcement officers of the Beijing Animal Health Inspection have issued supervisory record and submissions, requested the Chinese Yum warehousing and logistics branch to improve work of the storage of animal product's quarantine certificates registration and archiving.

For the problem of poor convergence in mortem report information in three different storage places, they should establish a daily verification system for storage of animal products, and standardize quarantine certificates retained work, make the monthly quarantine certificates directory of the storage of animal products.

In accordance with the city's unified deployment, since the beginning of this year, Beijing launched inspection of fresh milk quality and safety supervision. At the end of last month, the testing work was completed, and 51 fresh milk collection stations had been tested, involved 223 raw milk samples, all test results were satisfactory.

The check covers 53 fresh milk collection stations in the city, mainly use the site rapid testing, supplemented by laboratory tests, and the test items including melamine, leather hydrolyzed protein. In addition, as of the middle of June, the city's "lean meat powder" special detection test results were negative.

Read the Chinese version: 肯德基供应商部分检疫证明不规范


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