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English classes for poor, migrant kids to continue

By Hu Min (Shanghai Daily)

08:42, July 09, 2012

A PROGRAM in which volunteers taught English language skills and other subjects to 40 children from migrant or low-income families in the city will be made permanent, the Shanghai Charity Foundation said.

The foundation plans on holding the program on a regular basis to benefit more students, said Fang Guoping, executive vice chairman and secretary-general of the foundation.

Starting in March, 40 primary school students attended 15 free oral English lessons and nine world knowledge lessons delivered by wives of some consuls general in Shanghai - including Ireland, Germany, Slovakia, Canada, Uruguay and the United States - as well as teachers and other volunteers from companies.

The program aims to help children from poor or migrant families improve language skills and enrich their knowledge of other countries.

Attendees showed off their new skills by presenting English-language drama and singing songs in English on Saturday. They said they had significantly improved their skills through the program and had fun with activities such as making cookies.

The program's first round attracted about 250 volunteers and lasted four months. Details on further development of the program are pending, foundation officials said.


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